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Like everyone in the UK Innovation Care are closely monitoring the developments of Covid19 (Corona Virus) and subsequent guidance from The Government, Public Health England and our local Health Liaison Teams

Innovation Care has a duty of care to its service users and staff to ensure as much as practicably possible we keep them safe by reducing the risk of being infected by the virus.

As of today, we have reluctantly taken the following measures to achieve this.

 All external activities have been suspended until further notice.

 All family members are to refrain from visiting the home (unless in an extreme emergency) Then by appointment where possible.

 All non-emergency appointments rescheduled

 All non-urgent meetings with external professionals rescheduled.

 All staff to isolate and remain at home should they have the following symptoms, (cough, fever etc)

To enable the service users to maintain social contact we are suggesting that family members can speak to their loved ones on the telephone or by using facetime, skype or WhatsApp if you are confident with this technology

If you are able to access our website, or our new Facebook site for both Moor Court and Prospect House we will continue to update relevant information.

I would like to thank you all in advance for supporting us through these difficult and worrying times.

Please be assured we are taking all steps necessary to minimise the risk of this virus entering the homes.